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Supported Apartment (Home) Program

Our supported apartment program refers to the services we provide in an individual's apartment or family home.  It allows for the most individualization in community living within the agency’s scope of possibilities.  The participant, referral source and significant others are involved in determination of the location, staffing patterns, and programming from the first day.  In many cases, individuals are transitioning from one of the other programs within ILS, but starting in an apartment or having staff provide services in your family home is also a possibility.

ILS does have several apartment clusters utilizing various existing apartment complexes and locations within Green Bay.  Each person has his / her own apartment, unless they choose to have a roommate.  Staff can be scheduled anywhere from 1 hour per day to 24 hours per day, depending on need and behaviors.  In most cases, individuals receive between 2 and 4 hours of programming per day, with a rotating overnight staff on premises doing occasional checks.  If an individual requires more support - ranging from 4 to 16 hrs per day, and would have difficulty renting in the community, we do offer services in an 8-plex Program.

A variety of assessment tools are used to determine personal awareness and safety in all aspects of community programming.  In areas where an individual is more independent, skills are maximized and occasionally re-evaluated to ensure gains are made.  For areas of limitation, staff assist only to compliment existing skills.  In addition, training is provided in areas of meal planning and preparation, budgeting, planning community access, transportation, and medication awareness.  Additional curriculum development is possible for other areas as needed.

During the first 30 days of participation (for individuals who start with ILS in an apartment), full supervision is suggested, with staff attending any scheduled outings.  During this period, overnight outings are not typically scheduled.  After these 30 days, levels of independence are determined, with development of the program plan and individual goals.

Each resident has an agency Case Manager assigned.   This person works as part of a team in developing program plans, curriculum, and assisting with individual tasks such as budgeting and planning activities.  The Program Director (agency) supervises the Case Manager activities, hires and trains new staff, and provides overall management to programs.  This person, in addition to the President, may meet with residents and staff, on a regular basis, to assure that individual rights are maintained, encouraged and to maintain quality programs.

Direct staff are trained in behavioral and crisis interventions, communication skills, any special medical needs (diabetes, seizures), and participate in an ongoing training program administered both internally and outside of ILS.  Staff are expected to work both with individuals and in small groups for activities.

In every aspect, preparation for and active participation in community living is emphasized throughout programming.  Positive choices, using good judgment and development of support services and systems are primary to successful transition to the community.  The County Case Manager or an individual's Managed Care IDT Team plays an integral role in program development and preparing for movement to less restrictive environments or changes in level of staff involvement.

For more information on any of our programs or to schedule a visit, please e-mail Bill Jones.

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