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ILS Learning Center

How can we make you smile today?

Our staff working in the ILS Learning Center are trained to have one goal in mind when serving those with special needs;  Together, we can improve lives simply by making people smile.  It is with this philosophy that our Learning Center was designed and created when we moved into our current location at 999 North Military Avenue more than 7 years ago.  

It is anticipated that individuals referred for programming may not have reasonable access to the community for many reasons.  These may include;  poor social skills, cognitive limitations, negative or intrusive behaviors, aggressive reactions to activities, or limited physical or emotional tolerance to activities.  Limited work history or vocational experience may also limit an individual's ability to to find rewarding and meaningful volunteer or paid activity.  

We have therefor developed this central site to be used as a main transportation and communication site, group activity site, and individualized personal and skill development area.  It is equipped with a group activity area, computer work stations, craft room, small workout gym, theater room, handicapped accessible bathrooms, outdoor recreation area, book share program, along with a workshop and functional kitchen/dining room.  Upon referral, individuals are assessed for personal interests and goals, and physical, social, and emotional capabilities.  With a case manager and Site Manager as part of the treatment team, individuals will develop a plan and goals directed to those areas identified.

Through the ILS Learning Center, we offer a variety of services that includes pre-vocational and vocational training geared toward community employment, functional academic skill training, and life-skill/social skill training.  Our programming is individualized and teaches functional skills from a community-centered philosophy.  We apply what is learned to real life situations and believe that community participation is a very important part of our programming.  We teach participants the importance of being active members of the community, and work through local volunteer services and employers to provide rewarding, yet challenging, activities throughout the day. ILS has developed a number of sites, which are made available to individuals for skill and interest development.  In addition, Managers will continually work with individuals to develop additional sites, which may meet their needs.  Participants may be involved in-group activities, including:  community activities (library, visiting areas of interest), current events discussions and other activities to promote conversation, negotiation, and interpersonal skills.  In order to assist individuals to more positive and productive

community involvement and to provide activities which will benefit them with vocational endeavors, services will be individualized to meet identified needs.  Individual areas of activity may include:  computer skill development, money handling, reading, math and writing skills, Internet access, personal goal development and vocational exploration.

As with all programming through ILS, services are individualized to meet consumer choices and program development in the least restrictive setting.  Communication with participating support services (residential, family, medical/rehabilitative) is essential and is incorporated so that goals are mutual and supported comprehensively.


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Working together to improve the lives of those with special needs.