Our Services

Improved Living Services, LLC (ILS) is able to offer individuals a variety of support services such as; case management, residential support, vocational and day treatment programming.  These services are developed according to the needs of the individual and in some cases are coordinated with other agencies in the same location.  This assures that services are comprehensive and convenient.  Our programs are designed to assist individuals in learning independent living skills, coping skills, social skills, and community safety skills, all of which will support more independence and responsibility along with many opportunities to participate in the community.

Residential Programs

Residential Programs are varied and may include up to 24 hour staff support.  This support may include overnight awake staff on the premises.  Our Adult Family Home programs are generally designed to support a 2:1 consumer to staff ratio, while 1:1 support is generally available in our Supported Apartment programs.  ILS is also able to offer a unique hybrid living arrangement through its 8-plex Program.  More information can be obtained by visiting the websites listed below;

Day Services / ILS Learning Center

Our agency works with referral sources to determine the types of services that are required and best suit each individual.  These can include the development of an individualized Learning Program and/or a Pre-Vocational plan.  ILS utilizes a curriculum, which is easily implemented to assist the individual in all areas of need.  We can also provide a full array of innovative vocational services to individuals with disabilities.  ILS is committed to building long lasting
relationships with area employers who are interested in hiring qualified candidates.  The individuals we serve in this area are highly motivated to to improve their lives through meaningful and positive work experiences.  For a more detailed description of the facility and services, click below.

For more information on any of our programs or to schedule a visit, e-mail Bill Jones.

Working together to improve the lives of those with special needs.