Pricing Info

Improved Living Services, LLC offers individual rates based on each of the participant's needs.  We provide our Payees and/or Contract sources with a complete budget of the cost for each program and work with them to establish billing procedures that are mutually acceptable.  We can establish daily, hourly, or monthly rates, separate rates for each services, or even all-inclusive rates.  

Typical cost ranges for Adult Family Homes are between $4,500 - $6,500 per month.
Typical cost ranges for our Supported Apartment Program run from $24 - $26 per hour.

Daily rates for Supported Apartment services can also be arranged and would account for fluctuations in service due to the individual's needs fluctuating through the month.  

As each individual has their own needs and abilities, it is best to contact our Program Director for an accurate assessment in order to obtain more accurate pricing information.

For more information on any of our programs or to schedule a visit, e-mail Bill Jones.

Working together to improve the lives of those with special needs.