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Working together
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the lives of those
with special needs

***We currently openings in our Morning Glory & Deuster Adult Family Homes - and, we are always accepting referrals for our Supported Apartment Program(s)***

Improved Living Services, LLC

Welcome to the home of Improved Living Services, LLC (ILS), where we pride ourselves on the commitment to the individuals we serve.  Improved Living Services is totally committed to our mission to improve the lives of those with special needs.  The quality of our services is a reflection of our employees.  They are qualified, trained, and carefully selected individuals who also believe in our company vision.

ILS provides individualized and community-based services to individuals with a variety of disabilities.  This may include a full range of support services and counseling to support the residential, vocational, recreational, and leisure needs of our clients.  

We begin with an accurate assessment of the needs of each individual, then work with them, their families, and other service providers to secure appropriate support services.  Comprehensive goals and objectives are developed to promote independence, and a plan to reinforce and teach the life skills necessary to sustain increased independence is implemented.  In all scenarios, our professional staff recognize and respect an individual's right to choice and to participation in their life planning.  Recognizing the limitations of support systems and their providers, we focus on crafting the most comprehensive program with the least restrictive environment possible for everyone involved. 

We believe it is this team approach, along with our years of experience in the field that have ensured our success serving individuals with special needs.  Our team currently consists of the following;
    • 2 Nationally Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS)
    • 1 Nationally Certified Brain Injury Clinical Examiner
    • 1 Certified administrator of the McCarron Dial and Vocational Assessments Tool
    • 1 Certified Instructor in Cognitive Intervention
    • 2 State-Certified Case Managers
In addition, our in-house trainer provides the following training to all employees;

Verbal Intervention & Skills TrainingFirst Aid & CPR 
Preventing Disease Transmission / Blood-borne Pathogens Sexual Harassment 
Art of Criticism (Giving & Taking) Listening under Pressure 
Team Building Skills Diabetes Basics 
Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury & Mental Illness and a variety of others

ILS follows the State guidelines and Regulations governing Licensed Adult Family Homes in Wisconsin.  We provide the required levels of training for all staff, whether they work in our Adult Family Homes, Supported Apartment program, or our Learning Center.  It is important that they have the ability to work with and interact appropriately with all of the individuals we serve.

If you would like further information on the services Improved Living Services, LLC can offer, please call our office to discuss how we may be of help to you.  You can also feel free to browse this web site as it contains more detailed information on Our Services.  Those programs include;

For more information on any of our programs or to schedule a visit, e-mail Bill Jones.

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